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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
Photo Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service & National Park Service
Credit Where Credit is Due
CFR is pleased to have the support of wonderful photographers of nature and the environment which we are committed to protecting with every design of our business. As you enjoy the tremendous work of these photographers, please consider contacting them directly for prints and printed materials they offer.

Richard Stade |
Chris Jek |
Reducing your Company’s carbon footprint
For virgin fiber producers as well manufacturers that produce carbon fiber scrap, fabric selvage, and off spec tow or carbon forms, CFR is prepared to support Certification for your reporting your company’s efforts to reduce your annual carbon footprint. Additionally, the Recycling Services Worldwide of CFR will eliminate your landfilling cost and offer optionsfor additional participation in the ‘remanufacturing’ of these carbon forms. See more detail >>
Availability & Volume
Your product application of "reclaimed carbon fiber” depends on the volume being available for the production rate you have in mind. CFR is committed to maintaining a stock supply as well as matching your production volume requirement with specific incoming supplies of excess post-industrial carbon fibers with the same specifications. See more detail >>
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