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Friction & Brakes

Manufacturers of brakes and friction product have a number of raw material choices which includes PAN carbon fibers (pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile). Brake performance matched to the vehicle requirements are affected by the variations in process, fiber orientation in the preform and the method for densification of the preform. The resulting brake performance is affected by the resulting density, coefficient of friction, hardness, and thermal conductivity.

A number of efforts are being made to control the orientation of the fibers in the brake preform, including additional approaches from the randomly oriented and discontinuous fiber preforms commonly utilized. One process being developed utilizes cut/chopped fiber mixed with a resin into a mold, allowing the fiber length variations and orientation of the fibers to be mixed to specific brake requirements.

Utilizing "reclaimed" post-industrial carbon fiber and the nonwoven process for building the fabric or mat brings carbon fiber into a competitive consideration for certain high requirement applications.

Filtration product applications utilizing PAN carbon fibers are many including:

  • Gas diffusion membranes in fuel cells
  • High-Temperature Industrial filtration
  • Industrial Process filtration

Where producers of specialty filters for air and liquid applications see a good product design for utilizing reclaimed carbon fibers (at a discounted cost), CFR will be glad to assist.

For additional carbon fiber applications please visit: Friction/Brakes Product Description

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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
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