Shipping Details

Packing and Shipping Options

Your order of carbon fiber materials from CFR can be packed and shipped with various options available to you.

  1. CFR prefers to arrange shipment to your plant/warehouse (if in the USA) and is glad to quote/confirm freight costs to you in our pricing. This allows CFR to bring finished product to you from closest facility running the particular fibers or fiber forms ordered.
  2. When CFR has stock of material for your order, shipments may originate from the closest CFR warehouse or CFR Distributor’s warehouse.
  3. For export shipments, CFR will coordinate with your freight forwarder for the FOB plant location for pickup of each order.


  1. Standard packaging is a bale that varies in weight from 400 to 550 lbs (based on cut length). Bale dimensions are 60" x 48" x 28" (46.6 cu. ft.). Bales are produced in a super sack finished with 4 wires. Standard packaging is a black super sack. White super sacks can be called for. See bale images below.
  2. Bales are typically floor loaded (no pallets) though pallets can be called for in your order. Bales are easily moved and stacked with a forklift.
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Precision cut fibers from tow

  1. Standard packaging is a Gaylord box on pallet, poly lined. Boxes are typically 48" x 48" x 40"
  2. Box weights will vary from 400-500 lbs. based on fiber cut length and if crimped or uncrimped.
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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
Photo Courtesy: National Park Service
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