Reclaimed Carbon Fibers

Guide to Reclaimed Carbon Fiber

CFR processes excess post industrial carbon fiber, preform, tow, and selvage scrap, by detangling, milling, cutting and preparing the materials for use in certain product applications developed by CFR in team with its manufacturing clients. Critical to CFR’s ability to manage these large waste streams is the ongoing development of secondary uses and markets for reclaimed carbon fibers.

The "Guide to Reclaimed Carbon Fiber & Market Applications" will introduce you to Carbon Fiber Remanufacturing, the company, and give an overview to the quickly emerging products and markets utilizing "reclaimed" carbon fibers for a "green certified" line of quality products utilizing the best of technical fibers.

Whether your company is currently utilizing virgin carbon fiber or you are considering converting your current product to incorporate the unique characteristics of this high tech fiber, you will be glad to discover the discounted pricing of these fibers as well as their retained virgin fiber properties.

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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
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Manufacturing with "Reclaimed carbon fibers"
Manufacturing with 'reclaimed carbon fibers' has a number of benefits including discounted pricing, aerospace grade fibers, lowered processing costs utilizing nonwoven systems, moving the short fibers to an engineered nonwoven broadgoods form before further carbonizing for use in friction/brake products, insulation systems, and composite laminate applications. See more detail >>
Recycling Services Worldwide
If you are currently landfilling your excess and scrap carbon fiber materials, CFR offers a number of program options to divert those materials back into new product applications. CFR imports qualifying carbon fiber scrap from anywhere in the world for processing at several facilities in the United States. See more detail >>
Fiber & Forms
Carbon fibers currently available from CFR are primarily PAN ‘Pre-Ox” fibers at the 62% carbon content level, available in various cut lengths either from “reclaimed fibers” from preform materials from the aerospace industry, or precision cut length fibers from excess post-industrial tow. CFR is also processing the short fibers into various nonwoven, airlay, needled broadgoods to customer specifications including veils, fabrics, and mats/felts.

CFR developments in process include advancing carbonization of fibers to customer requirements, spinning to yarns, working with additional sources of tow, fabric selvage, and other scrap broadgoods in the 90-98% carbon content grades.

Additional developments on our map of product applications include unidirectional tapes, composite laminates, and thermoplastics utilizing reclaimed carbon fiber. See more detail >>
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