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Thermal Barriers

The PAN carbon fiber (at the carbon content grade of 60-62%) is most suitable for fabrication of a nonwoven, airlay cloth or veil that serves as an excellent thermal barrier material.

One optimum manufacturing application for a thermal barrier veil is in pultruded products that benefit from a fire retardant barrier on the outside surfaces of the pultruded product. This application may advance the product’s fire classification to a higher value finished product.

The pultrusion process utilizing a veil feed is illustrated with the feed stage and a finished pultruded pipe.

PAN Fiber = Thermal Dominance

PAN carbon fiber is a thermally unique material. Unlike the competition, these fibers do not burn or melt when exposed to heat, they char. This self-extinguishing fiber retains its appearance, handling, and textile characteristics after open flame exposure. Additionally, PAN fibers exhibit very low toxic gas generation in fire, making them ideal for the most critical thermal applications. Improved thermal performance is also easily achieved using blends of PAN fiber with existing formulations or by incorporating heat shield layers in products.

PAN fiber is the top performing thermal fiber without requiring any harsh chemical coatings or additives. Carbon fiber’s resistance to the most extreme temperatures, coupled with ease of manufacturing, make it the ideal choice for the highest quality thermal products on the market.

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Additional detail regarding CFR’s thermal barrier carbon fiber materials, go to Thermal Barriers Product Description

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