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August 2011 CFR Team visited clients at the AUVSI Convention, Washington DC for continuing discussions for utilization of reclaimed carbon fibers for application to unmanned aerial vehicles and related components.
August 2011 CFR delegation met with several government organizations for discussions of specific program applications for use of recycled "green certified" carbon fiber in federal government procurement initiatives.
November 2011 Pre-ox PAN reclaimed fibers successfully tested in blends with cotton, polyester and wool resulting in both fire retardant and self extinguishing fire classifications.
November 2011 Shipments of cut PAN fiber begin to Asia for making of rigid insulation board for high temperature furnace applications.
November 2011 Multiyear agreement to import PAN fiber scrap from Europe to be processed at CFR facilities in the US
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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
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Guide to Reclaimed Carbon Fiber & Market Applications
Whether your company is currently utilizing virgin carbon fiber or you are considering converting your current product to incorporate the unique characteristics of this high tech fiber, you will be glad to discover the discounted pricing of these fibers as well as their retained virgin fiber properties. See more detail >>
Recycling Services Worldwide
If you are currently landfilling your excess and scrap carbon fiber materials, CFR offers a number of program options to divert those materials back into new product applications. CFR imports qualifying carbon fiber scrap from anywhere in the world for processing at several facilities in the United States. See more detail >>
CFR Green Certification Program
CFR’s "Green Certification" program contains two parts designed to support your Company’s sustainability goals by significantly reducing your carbon footprint. 100% of CFR’s carbon fiber materials are recycled, 100% of the fibers are diverted from the landfill, producing carbon fiber material forms to industry at large energy savings, underlying CFR’s "Green Certification Statement". Learn More >>
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