Carbon Fiber Market Summary by Carbon Content

Reclaimed carbon fibers from post-industrial sources are becoming a premium product for their support of green certified products being manufactured today. Discounted pricing and ongoing supply volumes allow for the selection of the optimum carbon fiber for the specific product application and high tech performance desired.

The Carbon Fiber Product Application Matrix for carbon fibers at a carbon level of 62% and the Market Summary by Carbon Content will provide an initial index for selecting the fibers offered for your product design.

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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
Photo Courtesy: National Park Service
Guide to Reclaimed Carbon Fiber & Market Applications
Whether your company is currently utilizing virgin carbon fiber or you are considering converting your current product to incorporate the unique characteristics of this high tech fiber, you will be glad to discover the discounted pricing of these fibers as well as their retained virgin fiber properties. See more detail >>
Recycling Services Worldwide
If you are currently landfilling your excess and scrap carbon fiber materials, CFR offers a number of program options to divert those materials back into new product applications. CFR imports qualifying carbon fiber scrap from anywhere in the world for processing at several facilities in the United States. See more detail >>
100% Reclaimed Carbon Fibers & Premium Product Development"
Whether in Asia, Europe or the United States, there is a growing preference for high quality goods that have utilized “reclaimed” materials for their construction. In the making of auto components, building products, and especially retail/consumer products (from sporting goods to furniture and fashion fabrics), the brand manufacturer that can advertise their use of high percentages of reclaimed fibers will increasingly win their market share even at a premium pricing and profit. There is only so much volume of clean, high grade, post-industrial carbon fiber available each year, giving the manufacturers with an ongoing supply of ‘green certified’ carbon fiber the upper hand in obtaining their market share. See more detail >>
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