Product and Market Applications

Utilizing "remanufactured" carbon fiber

Manufacturing Applications:

Remanufactured carbon fibers from CFR have retained 100% of their virgin properties, can be cut to specified lengths (1/4" to 3"), can be incorporated into non-woven rolled cloth product, compounded to specifications for molded product applications and fiber reinforced plastics / polymers as well as blending with glass and other fibers for improvement of existing product properties. Use of CFR remanufactured carbon fiber materials qualifies product applications for genuine "green" certification for use of recycled materials, without loss of performance.

Remanufactured carbon fibers can be utilized in Thermal Barriers, Fire Retardant fabric, Insulation (Thermal and Acoustic), Filtration (Air and Liquids), Friction/Brakes, and Structural applications.

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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
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