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Nonwoven fabric for Air and Liquid filtration

The nonwoven fabrics marketplace for filtration media is running at $2 billion. While glass, polyester and polypropylene are the most common fibers, carbon fiber may find its place in certain applications that require the strength, high temperature and chemical resistance.

With a 1-2 denier, for staple fibers carbon fiber is one of the finest synthetic fibers available. Carbon fibers at various target lengths or within ranges of random lengths and forms are most suitable to either airlay or wetlay processes for building the nonwoven fabric or mat material for the filtration application. Nonwovens for filtration utilizing carbon fiber can be designed to improve long life and higher particulate loading with targeted cross-section thickness and bulk compared to monofilament fabric or membranes.

Utilizing "reclaimed" post-industrial carbon fiber and the nonwoven process for building the fabric or mat brings carbon fiber into a competitive consideration for certain high requirement applications.

Filtration product applications utilizing PAN carbon fibers are many including:

  • Gas diffusion membranes in fuel cells
  • High-Temperature Industrial filtration
  • Industrial Process filtration

Where producers of specialty filters for air and liquid applications see a good product design for utilizing reclaimed carbon fibers (at a discounted cost), CFR will be glad to assist.

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For additional detail on CFR carbon fibers and filtration go to: Filtration Product Description

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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
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