Reclaimed Carbon Fibers

Plant Certifications

CFR manages its “remanufacturing” processing in several plants utilizing standard quality/control programs.

Quality Management System

CFR has in place a Quality Manual specifically tailored to the processing of carbon fibers and that outlines the requirements for ISO 9001. CFR processing plants have in place company policies and practices that serve as general requirements for quality management system (QMS).

This Quality Manual contains policies that have been implemented at multiple locations. This manual pertains to processes relating to the process of precision cutting and opening of fine fibers. The manual and related quality system documentation is written to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Quality Management System (QMS) refers to a system that considers the three main components: quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Quality management is focused not only on product or service quality, but also the means to achieve it. A QMS, therefore, uses quality assurance and control of processes, as well as products/services to achieve more consistent quality.

Foreign Object Debri

This document outlines the FOD Prevention Processes: identifying, communicating, controlling, monitoring, reporting and correcting the FOD risks.


WQM 0001 Quality Manual
QSP 14.0 Corrective And Preventive Action
QSP 15.0 Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation & Delivery
QSP 17.0 Internal Quality Audits
QSP 9.0 Process Control
QSP 18.0 Training
Maint-FOD-001 FOD Prevention During Maintenance
Form: QR-001 FOD Incident or Near Mishap Reporting
Form: QR-002 Winona FOD Incident Tracking Log
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Converting Excess Post Industrial Carbon Fiber to New Product
Photo Courtesy of National Park Service
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Recycling Services Worldwide
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CFR Green Certification Program
CFR’s "Green Certification" program contains two parts designed to support your Company’s sustainability goals by significantly reducing your carbon footprint. 100% of CFR’s carbon fiber materials are recycled, 100% of the fibers are diverted from the landfill, producing carbon fiber material forms to industry at large energy savings, underlying CFR’s "Green Certification Statement". Learn More >>
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